DPC’s youth ministry is not something that exists to take students away from the main body and create something separate, rather it is part of the body that seeks to raise and nurture our students in Christ. We want our students to know Christ. We want our students to grow in that love and knowledge. We want our students to share Christ with the world around them.

Middle School In Town Missions Week: July 24-27

High School In Town Missions Week: July 31- August 3

The mission of our church is to champion the good news of Jesus, share life in small groups, and find avenues of downtown to love.  This is the focus of our Middle School and High School In Town Missions Weeks: finding avenues of our city to love.

During these weeks our students will serving at 3 local organizations that our church supports.

United Ministries–  a faith based organization that promotes self sufficiency through education and employment programs, crisis assistance, and homeless services.

YouthBASE- a local nonprofit after school and summer program designed to equip K5- 2nd graders to succeed behaviorally, academically, socially, and emotionally in their schools, at home, and in their communities.

Mill Village Farms-  a local faith based organization that focuses on growing food and growing jobs.  Mill Village Farms grows and provides fresh produce for areas that would normally have limited access to fresh food, and also provides mentoring and job skills training to youth.

July and August Backyard BBQ’s:

August 8- Last Middle School Back Yard BBQ from 6-8pm

August 15- Last High School Back Yard BBQ from 6-8pm

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Questions? Contact the Youth Minister: Mike Todd