We take seriously the well-being of all children placed in our care. We want you to know that your children will be cared for and always accessible to you during your time with us.  Our Nursery Director, Tiffany Mauk can be reached at and our Children’s Church Director, Mary Young can be reached at They are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


  • The nursery at Downtown Presbyterian Church provides care for children from 0 months to 3 ½ years. If you have children in that age range you will find us on the right side of the building past the large wooden sliding door.
  • Once there, you will find members of the nursery committee waiting to help you with the check-in process. This includes creating a nursery check-in profile for you and your child. If your child needs you during the service, you will be sent a text message to whichever phone number is entered on your check-in profile. Pagers are always available if you don’t have a phone with you. Please feel free to let the ladies know if you have any questions. It is our pleasure to help and be of assistance in any way we can!

*There is a private area, located in Room 1, for mothers who are nursing and need to feed their babies at any time.

*Many parents choose to pick up their children during communion, but we are happy and prepared to keep them until the conclusion of the service. Of course, you are welcome to pick up your child at any time you desire to do so.


  • Shortly before the sermon, preschool aged children (3-5 yrs.) are dismissed for “Children’s Church.”  If your child is attending Children’s Church, below are some instructions for exiting and returning to the sanctuary:

*Exiting the sanctuary – We ask that children exit the sanctuary from the back door.  Volunteers will be there to ensure that the children are safe and accounted for. The children will quietly line up in the hallway, and volunteers will walk them to their classroom. If you would like to accompany your child out of the sanctuary and/or to their room you are more than welcome to do so.

*Picking up your child– Many parents pick up their child in room number 6 or 7 on the education hall during communion, but you can wait until the conclusion of the service if you prefer. Rooms 6 and 7 on can be found in the education wing located on the right side of the building. To ensure safety, please do not send an older sibling to do pick up.