Community groups naturally flow out of our mission and are an obvious expression of what it means to cultivate genuine relationships in the body of Christ.  They are a manifestation of the fact that the church is not a building – it is the people. Not only do these groups help us in our personal lives, but they help flesh out what we hope to see happen through Downtown Presbyterian Church as a whole. Most groups have both members and visitors in them, so church membership is not obligatory to visit or to participate.

They facilitate our commitment to learning, connection, prayer and outreach. A typical meeting involves eating together, discussing questions about a Scripture passage our church is studying, and praying together. If you would like to read more about why we do this and/or inquire about how the groups function, please email Brian Hamby at

We invite you to fully participate in the life of DPC by becoming a regular participant in one of the community groups. Because each group’s location and schedule may vary (they do not all meet every week), please email the group’s contact person about attending.

Click on the red flags (for the list feature, click on the icon box at the top left beside “DPC Community Groups.”) for information about a community group near you:


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