old building 1Over ten years ago a few families began to dream about starting a new church in Greenville – one that they could invite non Christian friends to attend, but that would also be substantive for Christians. It was also hoped that such a church could take a particular interest in the revitalizing downtown area. After discussing this idea with other like-minded Christians, the group began meeting with more frequency and held its first worship service in January 2004. The group also began searching for a church planter. Through different relationships, they connected with Brian Habig, who was serving as a campus minister at Vanderbilt University. Brian is from a heavily churched Southern city of similar size. He had also become interested (several years before moving to Greenville) in city revitalizations and urban planning, which were obviously relevant.

old building 2In the spring of 2005, Brian was called by Calvary Presbytery (our denomination’s region that includes Greenville) to serve as a church planter in the downtown, and the Habigs moved here in May 2005. Worship services were held at the Poinsett Hotel until Easter of 2006, then in the evenings at Pendleton Street Baptist (South Main Street) through May 2008. We began using our present downtown facility on June 1, 2008. Downtown is now in its eighth year as an established local church. Our full-time staff continues to grow: Jake Patton (2011, Assistant Pastor); Brittany Aills (2012, Church Life Coordinator); Mike Todd (2013, Youth Minister); Tim Udouj (2014, Assistant Pastor / Organizing Pastor for Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church, 2016); Ryan McMillen (2015, Music Director).